Born 1968

I specialized in my carpenters’ trade to learn the old traditional way to restore ancient timber structures of medieval traditionally made German half-timbered houses and churches.

To work with wood always fascinated me. Next to the straight building timbers, the variations of nature always caught my eye: the branch weasel in fruit trees, the special grain in Alder and Ruester, Burls and the ageless beauty of swamp aged oak.

I like to create artistic furniture out of pre used ancient timber with historic background.

To work with ancient timbers fills my life with Love and Joy.

“We have to say what we think.
We have to do what we say.
And then we have to be what we do“

Alfred Herrhausen

...swamp aged oak

What is a swamp aged oak?

When an oak tree topples and sinks into water, a swamp or clay area and it stays air sealed for centuries or millennia, it is called a swamp oak. The wood becomes darker with time till it is blackend and when it dries, it is as hard as a rock.